Current adverse times created by the coronavirus pandemic will necessitate the world to abide by the code of righteous conduct based on Hindu Dharma !

Sadguru Rajendra Shinde

The world is in complete chaos due to the coronavirus pandemic. This virus has scared everyone. Given ahead are some points on what God wants to teach us through such catastrophic events, what is the importance of Hindu Dharma and the code of righteous conduct, why should we make wholehearted efforts to perform spiritual practice, etc.

1. It is crucial to surrender to God so as to face the catastrophe of the coronavirus

The current situation is so dire that humans have no choice but to surrender to God so as to face the fierce catastrophe of coronavirus. Humans are undergoing their destiny through the medium of this catastrophe. During the process of undergoing severe destiny, if a man surrenders unto the Omnipotent God, the compassionate, kind and loving God will bestow upon him the energy to undergo the severe destiny and make his suffering tolerable.

2. Bestowal of God’s grace through the medium of this catastrophe !

A. Public places, schools and colleges, trains, buses and bus stations, highways, etc. are being cleaned thoroughly. Everyone will benefit from it.
B. Due to the ban on visiting public places, mostly everyone will remain with family members. This will help them develop closeness with each other.
C. Ego of the world’s superpower countries began to reduce due to this catastrophe. In a way, this is a huge blow by God to man’s ego of ‘I can do anything with the help of intellect and wealth’.

3. Importance, supremacy and uniqueness of the code of righteous conduct based on Hindu Dharma withstanding the test of time due to the catastrophe of coronavirus !

3A. Eating vegetarian food : Many people have stopped eating non-vegetarian food and started having a vegetarian diet. As a result, their tamasik diet has come to an end, and they have started consuming sattvik (Spiritually pure) diet.

3B. Eating home-cooked sattvik food : Due to the closing down of restaurants and bars, consumption of tamasik outside-food came to a halt. Consequently, the individual’s spiritual purity will increase by eating sattvik food at home.

3C. Performing medita-tion and Yoga : Many renowned Universities have recommended performing meditation and Yoga as told by the Hindu Dharma to face these adverse times effectively.

3D. Greeting each other with a ‘Namaskar’ : People have automatically started doing ‘Namaskar’ to greet each other as per Hindu Dharma instead of shaking hands, hugging or kissing, etc. As a result, one is not only protected from the disease caused by coronavirus, but also protected from the people affected by negative energies. Additionally, one also benefits from abiding by Dharma (Righteousness) in daily life.

4. God only compelling the man to study Hindu Dharma, and in a short time propagating Hindu Dharma in the whole world !

Indirectly, God has started teaching mankind how to perform righteous conduct based on Hindu Dharma in daily life. This is a great favour bestowed by God upon human beings. A new study has already begun throughout the world on how appropriate are the traditions mentioned in Hindu Dharma. This is not a small matter ! So far, everyone in the western world and the Indian intellectuals (who blindly follow them) used to say, ‘These are all outdated and useless thoughts’. From just this one instance, God has made them aware of the importance of the sanskars and traditions in Hindu Dharma. In a short time, God only has propagated Hindu Dharma throughout the world.

From here on, some spiritually curious individuals will study the Hindu culture and start practising it. In this manner, we can experience how something good emerges from a bad situation. We will experience these words from the Gita – ‘Whatever happens, happens for our good’.

5. As a result of closing down of  all businesses due to the spread of coronavirus, miserable people will understand the importance of the ‘Bara Balutedar system !

Day-by-day, the distress and misery of people is getting increasingly worse as a result of the closing down of all businesses due to the catastrophe of coronavirus. People have started to wonder how they will survive; We are faced with daunting tasks such as how to obtain food if trains and buses stop running tomorrow; How will we earn our livelihood. Now, we will realise the importance of ‘Bara Balutedar’ system which was once prevalent in Hindu culture. (12 Balutedar are – carpenter, caretaker of a temple, barber, laundryman, potter, cobbler, oil merchant, weaver/cloth maker, blacksmith and others.)

In the past, each village was self-sufficient. Most of the village needs were fulfilled in the village itself. Villages were not much dependent on others. Now people have become heavily dependent, so much so that it has become very difficult for mankind to survive due to closing down of businesses for some time.

Consequently, once again the traditional Indian lifestyle will be studied and the world will acknowledge its importance.

6. Only devotion unto God and spiritual practice can help us survive the adverse times !

To survive the current severe adverse times, there is no other way than devotion unto God and performing spiritual practice. Time is moving at a lightening speed. Now instead of wasting time, let us perform our actions as per the rules set forth by God for the ultimate upliftment of life; meaning, let us surrender to God by abiding by the righteous code of conduct mentioned in Hindu Dharma and make sincere efforts to perform spiritual practice. This will result in the emancipation of the society, Nation and eventually the whole world including ourselves !

– Sadguru Rajendra Shinde, Sanatan Ashram, Devad, Panvel, Maharashtra.