‘Waris’ (Descendant) of Jinnah


Once again the MIM, successor of Razakars (A private militia organised by Qasim Razvi during the rule of Nizam Osman Ali Khan, Asaf Jah VII who resisted the integration of Hyderabad State into the Dominion of India), has threatened Hindus. Former MLA of MIM Waris Pathan said – 15 crore will dominate 100 crore – at a meeting in Gulbarga against the Citizenship Amendment Act. Therefore, once again Hindus are expressing their anger. It is equally true that Hindus cannot do anything beyond this. If they could have done something more, they would have united and demanded stringent punishment for an individual who makes such a statement. This never seems to happen because no complaints have been lodged with the Police nor any offence registered demanding that the Government take strict action against Waris Pathan and his party.

Earlier, an MLA of MIM and party President MP Asaduddin Owaisi’s younger brother Akbaruddin Owaisi had said, ‘Remove the Police for 15 minutes. We will teach a lesson to 100 crore Hindus’. It has been some years since the crime was registered against him and the case is being heard in the Court. He has not yet been punished. One cannot imagine when this will happen.

Now, Waris Pathan issues a similar statement which exposes the mentality of MIM more clearly. The country knows that the name of this party, their policies and taking the side of Muslims repeatedly indicates it is a party of Muslims. It cannot be denied that MIM is following the ways of the Muslim League which was working in favour of Muslims before Independence.

If Hindus do not want what happened during the pre-Independence period to be repeated, they should try to ensure that strong action is taken against such parties and their leaders who make such provocative statements. As a matter of fact, Hindus should not even have to do this. The Central Government must take action on its own. The Central Election Commission should ban this party and also its leaders from contesting elections.

Why does the Election Commission, which takes action against people and parties that seek votes on the basis of religion during the elections, not take action against political leaders who make statements that are objectionable and religiously divisive at other times ? If it does not have such an authority, the rule and authority should be incorporated in the statute.

Religious fanaticism in a secular country

It is unfortunate that despite India being a ‘secular’ country, the Government tolerates statements that create a religious divide between two communities. It should also be noted that parties such as Congress, Samajwadi Party, Communist Party, Trinamool Congress, etc. who constantly talk of secularism in the country do not demand strict action against MIM. They do not demand this for the fear of hurting the sentiments of Muslims. This means it would not be surprising if a situation similar to India’s partition is created by the ‘15 crore’.

A few months ago, a Pakistani Minister had said, “If there is a war with India, not only Pakistan Army and civilians, but 15 crore people of India will also fight standing with Pakistan”. In view of this statement, one can surmise what will be the situation if this happens tomorrow. If the Muslim League slaughtered 5 lakh Hindus through ‘Direct action’ during Partition in 1947, lakhs of Hindu women were raped; and now, if anyone repeatedly indirectly threatens to do something similar, then the Government is expected to take drastic action. While we have had an experience of this kind, ignoring it would tantamount to committing suicide.

If ‘15 crore’ really decide to do something tomorrow, are 100 crore ready to counter it ? Why are we forgetting what happened after Hindus were threatened from mosques one night in Kashmir ? The question is, ‘Do we want to turn this country into Kashmir ?’ We have not heard any Hindu leader in this country saying that ‘100 crore will dominate 15 crore’, because Hindus do not have such an attitude. This is why Hindus have allowed the Muslims to remain in this country even after Partition, they have sacrificed from their plates and are still doing for the Muslims. However, not Hindus but the Government should think of the continued arrogance of the Muslims. Despite the criticism, Waris Pathan has said, ‘Whatever I have spoken is within the framework of the Constitution. I will not apologise’. What else does this mean ? Although some Muslims have condemned Pathan’s statement, it does not matter much.

Only ‘Hindu Rashtra (Nation)’ is needed !

When the religious fanatics have been persecuting Hindus for the past 72 years, the Muslim leaders have been shouting that atrocities are being committed against minorities since the Modi Government came to power. Religious fanatics are opposing the Citizenship Amendment Act, National Citizenship Register and National Population Register. A violent protest by these fanatics followed too. People are being harassed by obstructing a road for more than 2 months in Delhi. With leaders such as Waris Pathan, Akbaruddin Owaisi of MIM who are proving to be the descendants of Muhammad Ali Jinnah (Founder of Pakistan), Hindus should establish the ‘Hindu Rashtra’ here as soon as possible to protect themselves and India. Else, it would not be surprising if India is torn apart again and millions of Hindus are killed.