A brief report on ‘Hindu Rashtra Jagruti Sabhas’ held recently

More than 5,500 devout Hindus attended Sabha at Devgad

Admiration for the ‘Hindu Rashtra’ has been created not only amongst Hindus but also amongst its opponents !

Devgad (Maharashtra) – “Hindus used to be afraid to utter the word ‘Hindu’ till some time ago; however, the days have changed now and decisions are being taken which are positive for Hindus. Admiration for the concept of the ‘Hindu Rashtra (Nation)’ has been created so much so that even its opponents are talking about it. Soon, a day will come when this concept will take root in the heart of every person”, said Sadguru (Ms.) Swati Khadye (Dharmapracharak of Sanatan Sanstha) on 9th February.

 Perform spiritual practice for protection of Hindu culture !

Amravati (Maharashtra) – “People are not abiding by Dharma and therefore, the state of Hindu culture is deteriorating. Everyone needs to abide by Dharma and perform spiritual practice for protection of Hindu culture”, guided H.H. Ashok Patrikar (Dharmapracharak of Sanatan Sanstha) during a Hindu Rashtra Jagruti Sabha on 9th February. Mr. Nilesh Tavlare (Amravati District Coordinator of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti [HJS]) explained various activities of HJS. A demonstration on self-defence was also given in the programme.

Create awareness to prevent denigration of Hindu seats of faith !

Herle (District Kolhapur, Maha-rashtra) – “Temples, cow and Hindu Deities are the seats of faith for Hindus. Their denigration is taking place on a large scale through various mediums. Create awareness among Hindus to prevent denigration of their seats of faith”, said Mr. Kiran Duse (District Coordinator of HJS) in a Sabha on 10th February at Maruti Mandir. Dr. (Mrs.) Shilpa Kothavale of Sanatan Sanstha also addressed the Sabha.

HJS activities are in the interests of the Nation !

Maroli, Umbargaon (Gujarat) – “The Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), Triple Talaq Act and abrogation of Article 370 in Kashmir were possible only due to strong will power of the Central Government. I am happy that HJS is also working for the welfare of this country”, said Mr. Ramanbhai Patkar (Forest and Tribal Welfare Minister of State, Gujarat) while commending HJS activities during the Sabha at Maroli.

Mr. Nikhil Darji of HJS narrated various activities undertaken by HJS. Mr. Vijay Patil spoke on the ‘Need for the ‘Hindu Rashtra (Nation)’, while Mrs. Anshu Sant (A seeker of Sanatan Sanstha) explained the importance of spiritual practice.

Hindu Rashtra Jagruti Sabhas – A movement to establish the ‘Hindu Rashtra’ !

After Independence, we have not had a single indigenous system in the country. If the judicial, education, economic and political systems are not indigenous, how can we consider ourselves independent ? If 8.5 million Jews can have a ‘Jewish Nation’ (Israel), why can 1,375 million Hindus not form a ‘Hindu Rashtra (Nation)’ ?

‘Hindu Rashtra (Nation)’ is a term coined and repeatedly used by Veer Savarkar; it has been forgotten after Independence ! India is inherently a Hindu Rashtra but became ‘secular’ after Independence. Hence, Hindu Rashtra Jagruti Sabhas are being organised to explain the role of people in ushering in the ‘Hindu Rashtra’ through constitutional means.

If 8.5 million Jews can have a ‘Jewish Nation’ (Israel), why can 1,375 million Hindus not form a ‘Hindu Rashtra (Nation)’ ?