Radiant thoughts of Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale

Difference between ‘Sanatan Prabhat and other Periodicals !

Does any Periodical or newspaper teach how to sacrifice anything ? Only ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ does this. Hence, the readers of ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ progress spiritually; whereas, the readers of other Periodicals get entangled in Maya (The Great Illusion) !

This situation must change !

In the name of ‘freedom of expression’, no one can use vulgar language against politicians; however, this happens in the context of Deities. We have to change this situation.

Result of lack of education on Dharma !

Due to education on their religion, lakhs of Muslims are ready to sacrifice there lives; whereas, due to lack of education on Dharma, Hindus become rationalists and they conclude that Dharma is false.

There is nothing such as a miracle in the world !

There is nothing such as a miracle in the world. Everything happens as per God’s wish, negative energy and destiny; however, rationalists do not realise it.

Fate of Communist Hindus in Bengal and Kerala !

Muslims do not become communists, but, atheist Hindus do. Hence, Hindus do not receive God’s blessings. Such Hindus are aplenty in Bengal and Kerala. As a result, the fate of Hindus in these States has become pitiable.

A devotee does not change his place like political leaders do !

Leaders and activists of political parties change their party on receiving money or a post from the latter. On the other hand, devotees of God do not go anywhere leaving the Holy feet of God.

It is only the Indian Government that takes over Hindu places of worship !

No where in the World the Government takes over churches or mosques, however, despite India being the World’s epicentre for Spirituality; temples in India are taken over by the Government.

Political parties make people quarrel; spiritual practice helps them live happily !

Political parties make people selfish by luring them with various things and make them selfish leading to quarrels among themselves. Conversely, spiritual practice teaches people how to sacrifice. As a result, they do not quarrel among themselves, but live together happily as a family.