AAP again in Delhi !


Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is going to form Government again in Delhi. Considering the atmosphere in Delhi, it was bound to happen. Therefore, there is no reason to say this result was unexpected. The media and those opposing BJP are expressing various reactions such as ‘this is the defeat of BJP’s politics of hatred, ‘this is the defeat of politicising the Shaheen Bagh agitation’, ‘this is the victory of politics of development’, etc. The analysis of AAP’s victory and the defeat of BJP must be properly done, even if the margin of AAP’s success is huge.

The adversaries of BJP must answer – ‘How is it wrong to oppose religious fanatics who are agitating illegally in Shaheen Bagh ?’ Or ‘How can opposing the anti-national students of JNU and Jamia Millia Islamia amount to politics of hatred ?’ However, AAP’s victory has raised many questions. Patriots are afraid whether Delhi is moving in the direction of Bengal and Kerala ? And, unfortunately, this is true.

AAP’s sins

While analysing AAP’s victory, a political expert said on a news channel that Bangladeshi infiltrators and religious fanatics played a major role in AAP’s victory. After religious fanatics launched a protest in Shaheen Bagh, AAP refrained from responding to something which would hurt the Muslims. It is a fact that the Muslims who had been voting for the Congress in the past indeed shifted in favour of AAP after its rise in Delhi. Therefore, AAP ensured that the Muslims neither get hurt nor feel abandoned.

Furthermore, AAP spread anti-BJP propaganda that the BJP is dividing society by raising the Shaheen Bagh issue. In fact, being the ruling party, why did AAP not oppose the agitation conducted by blocking an area of the Capital for the past two months and holding people to ransom ? AAP, which claims that it was for ‘development politics’ did not react at all despite being fully aware that a part of our State has alienated from the rest of the country. AAP must respond to this ! Had the Central Government foiled the Shaheen Bagh agitation, AAP would have pampered religious fanatics by accusing the BJP of creating a religious divide.

Why should the AAP, which claims that they practise ‘development politics’ and not religion, gave candidature to Amanatullah Khan who has repeatedly made hateful speeches ? The religious fanatics have fully recognised that the Congress is no longer going to serve their interests. Therefore, the fanatics are left to achieve their objective by joining hands with AAP and they have succeeded in it. AAP covertly played the politics of religion, in the name of development.

AAP’s pro-religious fanatical face should be exposed to the public. There is a large number of Bangladeshi infiltrators in Delhi, and just to gain their loyalty, AAP opposed the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). “Delhi requires modern schools, not the CAA”, said Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. This statement had the ‘right’ effect on the religious fanatics and infiltrators. Now, for the next 5 years, AAP will rule Delhi. It is very serious that the Nation’s capital will be in the hands of a party that supports the anti-nationals and opposes the Acts which are in national interest. The activities of religious fanatics have gone out of control in Kerala and Bengal due to the Communist and the Trinamool Congress Governments respectively. It would not be surprising if Delhi also follows suit within the next few years.

National security is in danger !

AAP’s victory is not unadulterated. It has had many ups and downs. Even so, it is imperative to analyse the BJP’s defeat as well. If the BJP wants to rule Delhi in the future, it will have to first develop local leadership. So far the local leadership was strong in States where the BJP had won. Local leadership in Rajasthan or Madhya Pradesh, which was responsible for BJP’s defeat, was incapable and accused of corruption. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is still seen as the trump card of BJP. This has to stop somewhere.

The BJP should learn from these defeats and build the ranks of local politicians who have quality leadership at the State, District and Taluka levels, without relying on Modi alone. A leader who remains in touch with the locals, solves their problems is always liked by the people. Such competent leadership needs to be developed by the BJP at every level.

In a Democracy, people are the focal point. A political party which is liked by the masses comes to power. Even so, the patriotism of those who backed AAP to victory is suspect in the minds of patriots. Therefore, only time will tell what will be the future of Delhi.

When it comes to the question of what should be the priority – development or national security, the natural choice would be national security ! From this perspective, AAP’s victory does not appeal to the patriots !

When it comes to deciding what should be the priority – development or national security, the natural choice would be national security !