How to increase chanting stepwise ?

Chanting the Name of God is the foundation of spiritual practice recommended by Sanatan Sanstha. It is important that chanting is increased quantitatively and qualitatively stepwise across timely intervals to facilitate spiritual progress. Depending on one’s spiritual level one may require a period of a few months up to two years to cross each step.

Typically, initially, the readers may only be able to chant for a few minutes every day. It is advisable that in the beginning, they take time out to chant for at least 10 minutes a day. From here, the process of increasing chanting begins stepwise slowly.

1. The next stage is to become aware when one is idle and remembering to chant in the time. For example, when waiting for someone or standing idle in a queue.

2. Then, one should try to chant while performing physical activities that do not require thinking, such as bathing, cooking, walking, travelling on a bus or train.

3. In the next stage, chant the Name of God while performing mental activities which are not important in day-to-day life; for example, reading the newspaper, watching television, etc.

4. After this, the advanced stage is – being able to chant while performing mental tasks which are important in day-to-day life, such as, reading or writing official papers. During such tasks the eyes, intellect and hands are active so one can chant mentally. By focusing on increasing our spiritual practice stepwise, we can be assured that we are always progressing spiritually.

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