Sanatan’s 36th Saint H.H. (Smt.) Shalini Nene renounces Her body

Panvel (Maharashtra) – Sanatan’s 36th Saint H.H. (Smt.) Shalini Nene (Age 96) who was staying in Sanatan’s Ashram at Devad (Panvel) renounced Her body at 2.53 p.m. on 10th January. She was the aunt of Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale (Cousin sister of H.H. Balaji Athavale).

H.H. (Smt.) Shalini Nene used to always remain happy. She set an ideal for everyone that for performing spiritual practice, age, place, etc. are not obstacles. If one remains in bhav (Spiritual emotion), he/she can achieve the highest goal in spiritual practice. Her unique features include deep humility, lack of ego, Priti (Love without expectations), understanding others, accepting situations. The last rites on Her remains were performed on 11th January.

‘When I learnt that H.H. (Smt.) Shalini Nene had renounced Her body, I did not feel sorry as I would have felt by listening to the words ‘Renouncing body’. On the contrary, I felt happy as I would have always felt by listening to the words ‘H.H. (Smt.) Nene’.

I spoke to Her for the last time 2 weeks ago. She uttered some words in-between. I would experience bliss by listening to every word She spoke and would visualise Her face. I had this spiritual experience for the first time in my life. – Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale