Uttarakhand BJP Govt. to take over 4 Dhams and 51 temples

The management of temples should only be in the hands of devotees. Hence, Hindus expect that these temples not be taken over by the Government. The Government never takes over mosques or churches, but takes control of temples. The Government should clarify its position to the Hindu community over this too.

Dehradun (Uttarakhand) – Fifty-one temples within the Chardham (4 important pilgrimage centres of Hindus) area of the State will now be controlled by ‘Chardham Shrine Board’. This decision has been taken by the BJP Government in Uttarakhand.

These include Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, Yamunotri, etc. This decision has been taken on the lines of Vaishnodevi Shrine Board. This decision is being opposed by Saints and priests in Uttarakhand.

Priests and temple committee members organised a march to the Chief Minister’s residence on the issue. They also raised slogans against the Government, which said, “This black law of the Government will never be tolerated. The agitation against it will continue”.

Attempt of temple take over is for
usurping the wealth donated by Hindus

According to information obtained through the Right to Information Act, the revenue of the temples at Badrinath and Kedarnath runs into the crores of Rupees. Badrinath Temple received Rs. 58,66,000 through special worship. This figure reached Rs. 3,66,00,000 in 2009-2010.

According to the temple committee estimates, the total donations received in Badrinath and Kedarnath Temples crossed Rs. 10 crore in 2019-2020. This is why the priests are suspecting that the Government is taking over these temples for usurping this money donated by Hindus.