Facebook accounts of Sri Ram Sena officials closed due to pressure from ‘Love Jihad’ supporters

Karnataka President of Sri Ram Sena, Gangadhar Kulkarni, alleges suppression

Hubballi (Karnataka) – “Sri Ram Sena is actively fighting against ‘Love Jihad’. Unable to tolerate this, jihadis created pressure which led to the closing down of Facebook accounts of Sri Ram Sena’s National President Pramod Muthalik, National Gaurav President Shri. Siddalinga Swamiji, and all State officials including myself, from July 3rd,” informed Karnataka State President of Sri Ram Sena, Gangadhar Kulkarni. He warned the Karnataka Government to take immediate action to restore these accounts or be ready for a legal fight. Facebook accounts of 4 divisional presidents, 18 District presidents, and key activists of Sri Ram Sena have been

Kulkarni said that this action is unconstitutional and undemocratic. Freedom of expression and speech have been violated, and it seems an undeclared emergency has been declared against Sri Ram Sena.

Gangadhar Kulkarni,
Editorial Perspective

Facebook has a history of banning accounts of Hindu leaders and organisations while keeping the accounts of jihadis and terrorists active. Hence, such an incident is not surprising. Indians should start their own social media platforms to counter Facebook.