Madarasas in Madhya Pradesh have weekly off on Friday instead of Sunday

9,000 Hindus study in the madarasas

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) – Madhya Pradesh State Child Commission’s member Dr Nivedita Sharma conducted a survey in Sheopur Kalan District when she observed that the local madarasa administrations are not adhering to the Government rules. Madarasas are giving a weekly off on Friday instead of Sunday. The Commission has objected to such arbitrary behaviour. There are about 1,500 madarasas associated with the State Government, which also receive grants. It is surprising that as per National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) report, about 9,000 Hindu children are studying in these madarasas. (Hindu parents are self-destructing their children by sending them to study in madarasas – Editor).  

1. The madarasa managers have declared Friday as their weekly off instead of Sunday, disregarding the Government rules and when Hindu children are also studying there. Madarasas are open on Sundays. The madarasas claim that they take care of Hindu children’s future; but in reality, they are not bothered about the education of Hindu children. There are no pictures of Indian national figures anywhere in the madarasas.

2. The State School Education Minister Uday Pratap Singh said that non-adherence by madarasas to the Government rules will not be tolerated. He stated that madarasas must follow the guidelines issued by the School Education Department. Declaration of weekly holidays as per one’s own wish is not allowed in Madhya Pradesh. The Government holiday is on Sunday and the rule has to be followed. The rules and laws are same for all. Everyone has to follow them. The Department will conduct a detailed enquiry into the matter. (The Government should take action against such madarasas and stop the grants given to them. Only then, it will have some positive effect – Editor).

3. Congress MP and former Minister Lakhan Ghanghoria said in this matter that everyone has the freedom to decide. (Pro-Muslim Congress ! Hindus vote for such pro-Muslim Congress party resulting in their self-destruction – Editor).

Anti-national activities are going on in madarasas : BJP MLA Usha Thakur

Anti-national activities are going on in madarasas. You have seen what is going on in Assam and Jammu-Kashmir. Madarasas need to be connected to modern education in this age of technology. Many madarasas are run without permission of the Education Board. 30-40 children study in one small room. It can lead to human trafficking and the Government is vigilant about it.

Editorial Perspectives

  • Despite the BJP Government in MP and State grants worth millions of rupees to madarasas, how come the administration does not pay attention to this issue ?
  • How can financial aid be extended to madarasas, which impart religious education, in a secular country ?
  • If the BJP MLAs know about anti-India activities in madarasas, Hindus expect them to put pressure on the Government to close them down.