After tagging Hindus as violent, now Rahul Gandhi to take Shri Vitthal darshan at Pandharpur

Mumbai – Rahul Gandhi, the leader of opposition in the Lok Sabha, is planning to visit Pandharpur on 13th or 14thJuly 2024 to take darshan of Shri Vitthal. His visit has been confirmed by a senior Congress leader. Earlier, NCP leader Sharad Pawar had extended him an invitation to join Vari which is being criticised by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Who gave Sharad Pawar the right to invite Hindu hater Rahul Gandhi to Vari ? : Acharya Tushar Bhosale

Who authorised Sharad Pawar to invite Rahul Gandhi to join ‘Ashadhi – Vari’  when he always exhibited his hatred for Hindus and wrongly accused Hindus as violent, asked Acharya Tushar Bhosale, BJP’s ‘Spiritual Front’- leader, while criticising Rahul Gandhi, Sharad Pawar and ‘Mahavikas Aghadi’. Acharya Bhosale added that Saint Tukaram’s ‘Vari’ passes through Sharad Pawar’s native place but in his 84 years of life, he never bothered to join ‘Varakaris’. On what basis, Sharad Pawar is now inviting Rahul Gandhi ?

Those organising ‘Iftar’ parties never cared about Vari

A news about Sharad Pawar joining Saint Tukaram’s ‘Palakhi’ on 7thJuly 2024 and walking with Varakaris was doing rounds a few days ago; however, Pawar has clarified that he would not be walking with Varakaris, but he would welcome Saint Tukaram’s Palakhi as it passes through his native place. Acharya Tushar Bhosale stated that Sharad Pawar and Rahul Gandhi, who have always attended the ‘Iftar’ parties, have never even acknowledged Vari and Varakaris, but eyeing on the forthcoming Maharashtra State Assembly elections, they are showing interest in Vari and the people of Maharashtra know their political motive.

Editorial Perspective

Do Varkaris accept Rahul Gandhi’s Pandharpur visit ? Nobody will oppose Rahul Gandhi since Hindus believe that all are equal in front of God. But for the sake of Muslim votes, calling the Hindus who have preserved the tradition of Vari for 800 years, as violent, is hypocrisy. Hindus should try to stop this hypocrisy using legal ways.