It is unreasonable to think that every Rambhakt will vote for BJP : Former BJP MP Uma Bharati

BJP’s former MP Uma Bharti

New Delhi – “It is unreasonable to think that every Rambhakt (devotee of Shriram) will vote for BJP. We should not be egoist about this. It is also wrong to think that if someone did not vote for us, he is not a devotee of Shriram. They too are devotees,” stated Uma Bharati, former BJP MP. She added, “There are other reasons for BJP’s set back in Uttar Pradesh. Narendra Modi or Yogi Adityanath cannot be held responsible for that. In the recent Lok Sabha elections in UP, BJP secured only 33 seats out of 80. In the past BJP had won more than 70 seats.”

Uma Bharati added,

1. Muslims consider social and religious systems as one and vote according to the social system.

2. Setback to BJP in UP does not mean people’s faith in Shriram has dwindled.

3. I do not think it is arrogance on the part of BJP, we are reviewing our defeat.

4. In 1992, after the demolition of Babri, BJP had fared badly in the elections. Despite that we built Shriram Temple, as it was on our agenda, and we completed it. We did not link Shriram Temple to votes. Religious sites at Mathura and Kashi are also under similar dispute but those are separate issues, not at all linked with the votes.