Focus on forces that seek to destroy the nation : Vinodh Kumar, Editor, String Reveals, Karnataka

Vaishvik Hindu Rashtra Mahotsav (2024) Day 4 –  OTT and Hindi Film Industry

Vinodh Kumar, String Reveals

The mission of Congress is to destroy India. Their plan is to discredit India in the world. They speak of breaking India by propping up fake narratives. These people have effectively used social media for this. It is necessary to focus on those forces that seek to destroy the nation, asserted Mr Vinodh Kumar (Editor, String Reveals).

Mr Kumar further said that when the Indian government implemented the CAA, NRC, and Agneepath schemes, these people ignited riots across the country. Creating chaos in India is part of an international conspiracy. Anti-national forces take to the streets and riot against the country’s policies. The nationalists are unable to counter these forces. People like George Soros have manipulated the outcome of elections by creating fake narratives. Hindus should try to utilise social media effectively to assert themselves.