Hindu Intellectual Forum to counter intellectual attacks on Hindu Dharma – Sadguru Dr Charudatta Pingale, HJS

Vaishvik Hindu Rashtra Mahotsav 2024 Inaugural Session

Sadguru Dr Charudatta Pingale

Ramnath Temple, Goa – Today, the communists and left ideologues are utilising various toolkits to manufacture and set narratives to favour the situation. Communists use these narratives to project lies as the truth and waylay society through media, politicians, etc. On the contrary, we fall short in conveying to society the injustice inflicted on us. In order to cover this gap, a ‘Hindu Intellectual Forum’ (Hindu Vichar Parishad) has been established with the help of some Hindu thinkers who attended this Adhiveshan. This forum will effectively counter defamation of Hindu Dharma in future, asserted Sadguru Dr Charudatta Pingale, National Guide, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti. He was speaking in the inaugural plenary session of the Vaishvik Hindu Rashtra Mahotsav (2024).

Highlights from Sadguru Dr Charudatta Pingale’s address

Hindu society has forgotten its responsibilities !

This year’s Lok Sabha election is a lesson for all of us who are working for Hindutva, and not just the BJP. A section of awakened Hindus is under the impression that the central government subscribes to our views, so everything will happen and they don’t need to do anything. Another section is of the view that whatever should have happened, hasn’t happened, but still remains optimistic about the future. So, Hindu society as a whole takes things for granted or is so dependent on others that it has forgotten its responsibilities, be it casting votes or having the elected government work in the interests of Hindus. This has to change.

Need to work on effectively presenting the injustice inflicted on Hindus

This Lok Sabha election has seen the likes of Amrtipal (a Khalistani terrorist accused of sedition), Rashid Engineer (a Kashmiri separatist), and Captain Viriato Fernandes (who claimed that the Constitution was imposed on Goa) elected as MPs. This is a matter of great concern for the country. Therefore, some radical changes are required in the laws of the country. The Supreme Court had said in April 2023 that hate speech must be booked irrespective of religion. When anti-Sanatan elements spew venom about Sanatan Dharma, nothing happens, but when Suresh Chavhanke (Chief Editor, Sudarshan Channel) asks people to take an oath of Hindavi Swaraj in a programme, he is promptly booked for hate speech. Bhagyanagar MLA T Raja Singh, some spokespersons of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti also have been booked. So we have to be cautious when reporting the injustice that Hindus face. We need to work on how to effectively present this injustice without getting caught in legal tangles.