Religious fanatics threaten HVP advocate Niranjan Chaudhari in Court premises

  • Issue of cow-slaughtering at Jalgaon
  • Row over taking up case of the accused among advocates 
  • Police pressure Hindus instead of religious fanatics
Advocate Niranjan Chaudhari

Jalgaon, Maharashtra, 22ndJune – The City and Shani Peth Police arrested seven religious fanatics involved in slaughtering of cows/cattle and carrying meat illegally on 18thJune 2024. While they were presented in District Court on 21st June 2024, there was a row among advocates over taking up the case of these fanatics. Later, at 3.00 p.m., a mob of around 1,000-1,500 Muslims gathered in the Court’s premises and started arguing with Hindu advocates. Their screaming at each other created tension and Police resorted to ‘lathi-charge’ to disperse the mob. At that time, instead of taking into custody the religious fanatics responsible for the chaos, Police took a few Hindu youth to the Police station. It created fury amongst devout Hindu activists. Advocate Niranjan Chaudhari of ‘Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad (HVP)’ was threatened by a religious fanatic. A case has been filed with City Police Station against them under non-cognisable offence. (Editorial Perspective : Police were expected to file a case under non-cognisable offence against  the insolent fanatics)  

Police register FIR after Hindus put pressure while religious fanatics lodge complaint under false allegations

The accused in the cow-slaughtering case were presented before Justice M M Badhe in the Court. That time advocate Nirajan Chaudhari of HVP was talking to advocate Mazhar Pathan representing the accused. A fanatic named Nadim Gaffar Malik talked in between when advocate Chaudhari asked him to keep quiet. He then threatened advocate Chaudhari.

Advocate Niranjan Chaudhari has lodged a complaint with the Police Station. Many Hindus gathered at the Police Station in support of advocate Chaudhari. The Police write down the complaint only after Hindus put pressure on the Police. (Editorial Perspective : It is shameful for the Police that they need pressure to register FIR of an advocate) On the other hand, Nadim Malik also falsely accused advocate Niranjan Chaudhari of threatening him with life and filed a non-cognisable offence at City Police Station.

Muslims lodge a complaint against advocate Kedar Bhusari !

A delegation of Muslims led by Karim Salar submitted a memorandum to the Additional Superintendent of Police, Ashok Nakhate, on 21stJune 2024 against advocate Kedar Bhusari demanding inquiry against him. It has been stated in the memorandum that advocate Bhusari, along with like-minded advocates, tried to stop other advocates from taking up the case of the accused in the cow/cattle slaughtering case on 19th and 20thJune 2024. It is claimed that such a thing can disturb peace and create disharmony among Hindus and Muslims in the city; therefore, legal action should be taken against Bhusari. Advocate Imran Sheikh told reporters that Busari tried to influence other advocates against taking up the case of the accused.

Judicial custody to 6 while extension of custody of 3 persons

Six accused were presented before Justice Sonawane in the slaughter of cow/cattle case when he sent them to judicial custody while Justice Badhe ordered Police custody for a day for 3 accused in the case.

Court’s hearing was stopped for some time !

A mob created chaos for about 20-25 minutes in the Court. As a result, it was difficult to hear anything in that noise and the Court’s work in this building was stopped for some time, informed advocate Surendra Kabra. From 24thJune 2024, two entrance gates out of four gates in the Court will be kept closed for security reasons.

Rumours and panic

The mob went out from the gate on Ganesh Colony Road as the Police resorted to lathi- charge. The shops opposite the Court and in Ganesh Colony closed down out of fear of riots within ten minutes. DSP Gavit went to the Court with his squad and brought the situation under control.

Details of the case

On 18thJune 2024 i.e. on the next day of Bakri Eid, City Police raided and took into custody six persons in Osmania Park area, Shivaji Nagar for cow-slaughter and transporting prohibited meat whereas Shani Peth Police nabbed three persons, one among them is a minor. Nine accused were presented in the Court on 20thJune 2024 and were granted one day Police custody. Later, on 21stJune 2024, those persons were again being taken to the Court when the incident happened.

Hundreds of Hindus and Muslims came in their vehicles in the Court area. People from both the groups came face to face while going on the stairs of the central building of the Court. The religious fanatics started arguing with Hindus leading to a verbal fight. On getting information from the Police about the incident, the ‘Quick Response Team’ members reached the Court’s premises. Still, the mobs continued with their verbal fight; therefore, the Police resorted to ‘lathi-charge’ to disperse the crowd. Three gates of the building were then closed and only one gate was kept open for people to enter and leave.

Editorial Perspective

  • Are these Police from India or Pakistan that they are favouring religious fanatics and putting pressure on Hindus ? Hindus must be insecure with such kind of Police.
  • Insolent religious fanatic dares to threaten an advocate ! The Police, Administration and rulers from all parties, who always appease the religious fanatics, are responsible for such a situation.