Hindu Rashtra necessary to stop anti-National and anti-Constitution forces

  • Ramesh Shinde, National Spokesperson, HJS reiterates
  • ‘Vaishvik Hindu Rashtra Mahotsav’ from 24th  to 30th June 2024 at Goa

From left – Mr Ramesh Shinde, Sadguru Nilesh Singbal, Chetan Rajhans and Jayesh Thali

Panaji (Goa) – The representatives elected by people as per the democratic system of this country pass laws in Parliament, which are in the interest of the people of this country, for protection of their rights and for their security, but if people, who don’t believe in the Constitution, sovereignty and laws of this country, start going to Parliament, it can certainly endanger the Constitution in future. Hindu Rashtra is, therefore, required for the protection of the Constitution and the country, by stopping such anti-National and anti Constitution forces, expressed Mr Ramesh Shinde, National Spokesperson of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) during the press conference held at Hotel Manoshanti in the background of the scheduled 12th all-India Hindu Rashtra Convention i.e. ‘Vaishvik Hindu Rashtra Mahotsav’ from 24th  to 30th June 2024 at Shri Ramnath Devasthan, Ponda, Goa. The press conference was also attended by Sadguru Nilesh Singbal (Dharmapracharak, HJS); Chetan Rajhans (National Spokesperson of Sanatan Sanstha) and Jayesh Thali (State-Secretary of ‘Gomantak Mandir Mahasangh’, Goa).

Points presented by Mr Ramesh Shinde

Mr Ramesh Shinde

In this election, candidates like Amritpal Singh, a pro-Khalistan leader, accused of having contacts with Pakistan’s ISI and Rashid Engineer, who is under arrest for his anti-National and separatist activities like providing funds to terrorists in Kashmir, contested from jail and even won. In addition, Viriato Fernandes, who had insulted revolutionaries fighting for Goa’s independence, has been elected from Goa which is, in a way, a failure of Indian democracy.

Regarding security of the country, terrorism in Kashmir is slowly moving towards Jammu where Hindus are a majority population as was observed in the recent terrorist attacks on devotees going for ‘Darshan’ of Mata Vaishnodevi.

Anti-National and foreign powers along with Khalistan movement in Punjab have become very active and attacks on Hindus in India as well as in the world have increased. Thousands of Hindus are fleeing from areas in Jaipur where Muslims are in majority. Even in Bengal, there is a rise in incidents of attack on Hindus and their temples.

Considering the ongoing wars between different nations and instability caused due to them across the world, many countries have hopes from India since Hindu Dharma is the only Dharma that teaches the principle of brotherhood amongst the people of the world and treats them as one family. This concept in Hindu Dharma can connect people and create harmony among them across the world.

There will be discussions on protection of Sanatan Dharma’s ideology – Chetan Rajhans, National Spokesperson, Sanatan Sanstha

Chetan Rajhans, National Spokesperson, Sanatan Sanstha

‘Sanatan Dharma Rakshan Abhiyan’ was undertaken to give apt replies to criticism against Sanatan Dharma and to get due honour for Sanatan Dharma. There will be discussions in this Convention on the protection of Sanatan Dharma’s ideology.

Drive to implement dress code in temples to be expanded – Jayesh Thali, Goa State Secretary, ‘Gomantak Mandir Mahasangh’

Jayesh Thali

Mr Jayesh Thali, the State-Secretary of Gomantak Mandir Mahasangh stated that as per the policy formulated for the protection of temple culture in the earlier Hindu Rashtra Conventions, ‘Mandir Mahasangh’ will intensify its drive for implementation of dress code in more than 700 temples in Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka States. The future course of action will also be decided in this Convention.

Aim to restore India’s position as ‘Vishvaguru’ – Sadguru Nilesh Singbal, ‘Dharmapracharak’, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

Sadguru Nilesh Singbal

The issue of Hindu Rashtra is being discussed not only in India but also at global level. Considering the atmosphere prevailing in India for the last 10-12 years, other countries have started to speak about India’s walking on the path towards Hindu Rashtra. The American media called the ceremony for installation of the idol of Shriram at ‘Shriramjanmabhoomi’ as ‘New Divine India’. Foreigners are following Indian customs such as greeting with folded hands, saying ‘Namaste’; practising Yoga, etc. The goal of this Convention is to restore India to the position of ‘Vishva Guru’. The all-India Hindu Rashtra Convention has truly become a Vaishvik Hindu Rashtra Mahotsav. The Convention will be attended by delegates from other countries such as Mr Nilesh Nilkanth Oak from the USA; Swami Brahma Swaroopanand Maharaj, from Trinidad and Tobago; Mr Shriniwas Das from Ghana; Mr Shankar Kharat, Trilok Jyoti Shreshtha, Jagannath Koirala, Lakshman Panthy, Santosh Shah from Nepal, and Mr Dharma Yasha from Indonesia.

Topics to be discussed in this Convention

Common action programme to be finalised for the year for establishment of Hindu Rashtra

On 27th June 2024, there will be a brainstorming session on creating awareness about Hindu Rashtra in which pro-Hindu thinkers, writers, speakers active in this mission, will participate.

On 28thJune 2024, there will be ‘Mandir Sanskruti Parishad’ which will be attended by trustees and priests of temples from across the country. There will be speeches on preservation, conservation and protection of temple culture, besides a debate.

On 29thand 30th June 2024, there will be a conference of advocates who are extending legal aid to the persecuted pro-Hindu organisations and devout Hindu activists and who are fighting legal cases in Courts against various attacks on Hindus and Hindu Dharma.

Live telecast of the Convention

There will be a live telecast of this Convention through HJS website HinduJagruti.org; on HJS’ YouTube channel HinduJagruti and facebook.com/hjshindi1 . HJS has appealed to Hindus across the world to watch the live telecast.

Individuals accusing the Indian Constitution as forced on them, getting elected as MPs, is the failure of democracy !

Congress MP Viriato Fernandes from South Goa stated that the Indian Constitution was forced on the people of Goa. He thus insulted the revolutionaries who sacrificed their lives for the independence of Goa. We need to know the difference between the freedom fighters revolting for freeing Goa or for creating independent Goa. Goa got independence in 1961 and Sikkim in 1974. Will the people of Sikkim claim that the Constitution was forced on them ?  

Indian Constitution came into existence in 1950 and in 1976, the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi imposed emergency on people by amending the Constitution and adding the word ‘secular’ to the Constitution. Should all Hindus, therefore, say that the secular Constitution was forced on them ?  The persons, who accused that the Constitution was forced on them, have been elected as MPs, is a failure of democracy.

Question and answer session in the press conference at Panaji

Reporter : Is it improper to contest elections from jail ?

Ramesh Shinde (RS) : The Constitution has given the right to citizens to contest elections even if in jail and there cannot be any issue about it, but a candidate having connections with Pakistan’s ISI, and winning the election is wrong. Will the MPs, who don’t believe in the Constitution and work against it,  be able to protect the Parliament ? Will these MPs take the oath by swearing on the Constitution ? How can the persons supporting terrorism and the Khalistan movement be able to keep India united ?

Q : The Goa Government has imposed a ban on Pramod Muthalik, a devout Hindu activist from entering Goa. What does HJS have to say on this ?

RS : The ban imposed on Mr Pramod Muthalik to enter Goa is illegal for two reasons. In one case heard in the Supreme Court, a seven-member Bench passed a verdict that none of the citizens can be stopped from going anywhere in the country. Mr Mutalik’s organisation had attacked a pub; therefore, he has been denied entry in Goa. In this case, however, the Court has acquitted him. As such, the ban on Pramod Mutalik is illegal. If required, we will again try to seek justice from the Goa Government and the Supreme Court. This matter will be discussed in the conference of advocates to be held during ‘Vaishvik Hindu Rashtra Mahotsav’. Rohingyas
and Bangladeshis can stay in Goa without any valid documents, then how can a person like Pramod Mutalik disturb peace in Goa ? The people of Goa should not support such illegal actions.