Ukraine sells Government properties to fund war against Russia

Kyiv – Devastated by the Russian invasion, Ukraine now needs substantial funds to continue its war efforts. To meet these financial needs, Ukraine has decided to sell-off Government properties. Heritage hotels, malls, mines, chemical plants, and other Government-owned factories will be put up for auction soon. The first bid for a 14-storeyed hotel has been set at Rs 209 crore. Ukraine estimates it will need Rs 41,000 crore to sustain the war efforts.

Ukraine prepares to sell properties worth Rs 835 crore

Ukraine believes that the sale of Government properties will help cover the costs of the war. Deputy Finance Minister Oleksiy Sobolev stated, “A large fund is needed to maintain the country’s economic stability and to win the war against Russia. We will need to explore other options as well. Ukraine is ready to sell properties worth Rs 835 crore this year. We also plan to attract foreign investment.”

Germany provides more aid to Ukraine than the US

Over the past two and a half years of conflict with Russia, Germany has provided the most aid to Ukraine globally, amounting to approximately 3 billion euros. The US has provided 2.53 billion euros in aid and supplied Ukraine with 43 billion euros worth of weapons.

US to provide air defense systems to Ukraine for city protection

To protect Ukrainian cities from Russian air attacks, the US will supply Ukraine with air defense systems. This decision was made following high-level meetings between the two countries. The system will be delivered to Ukraine via Poland.