Record of criminal offenses against 46% MPs in Lok Sabha

Serious crimes like rape and murder are registered against 170 MPs

New Delhi – An analysis by the Association of Democratic Reforms reveals that 46% of the newly elected Lok Sabha members, totalling 251 out of 543, face criminal charges, with 27 already convicted. This marks a 55% increase since 2009, with 31% facing serious charges including murder, rape, and crimes against women.

The report further states,

1. Out of the 251 winning candidates this year, 170 (31%) face serious criminal cases, including rape, murder, attempt to murder, kidnapping, and crimes against women.

2. While 27 winning candidates have declared they have been convicted in criminal cases, four declared cases related to murder under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), and 27 declared cases related to attempt to murder under Section 307 of the IPC.

3. Criminal cases have been registered against 28 ministers in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s third cabinet and 19 of them have been registered for serious crimes like attempted murder, kidnapping and crimes against women.

4. 80% of Union Ministers are degree holders. 11 Ministers have studied only up to 12th standard.

5. More than 98% of the ministers in the Union Cabinet own assets worth crores of rupees.

Editorial Perspective

Will such a Government ever provide the people with safety and justice ? Isn’t it a bitter defeat of democracy ?