Russia should stop recruiting Indians in their Army !

  • India’s demands from Russia
  • Two more Indians were killed in the Ukraine-Russia war

New Delhi – The Ministry of External Affairs on Tuesday said two Indian nationals recruited by the Russian Army were killed during its ongoing conflict with Ukraine. India has demanded that all such recruitment by Russia must stop, as such “activities would not align with our partnership”. The ministry further said the Centre and the Indian embassy have strongly taken up the matter of the early release and return of all such Indian nationals recruited by the Russian Army. The Ministry of External Affairs also informed that two Indians who were stationed in the Russian army have died in the Ukraine war. In the past, many Indians have been killed fighting with the Russian army.

According to the ministry, the Indian embassy in Moscow has pressed the Russian authorities, including the Ministry of Defence, for the early repatriation of the mortal remains of the two Indian nationals. In the wake of this news, the MEA also urged Indian nationals to exercise caution while seeking employment opportunities in Russia and said it has demanded that there be a verified stop to recruit Indian nationals in the Russian Army.

In April, the CBI arrested four people in the case of fraudulently sending Indians to the Russia-Ukraine war. Three were from India, while one was a translator working in the Ministry of Defence of Russia. All these people were part of a network that duped Indians with the lure of jobs and good wages through social media.

According to the CBI, an establishment in Delhi has so far sent around 180 Indians to Russia. Such establishments target people who want to work abroad. YouTube videos are then made to trick them. It shows that the war in Russia is of no consequence and that everyone is safe. This is followed by vacancies in the Russian army for auxiliaries, clerks and war-torn building evacuees. “Working people will not have to go to the border to fight a war. They will be trained for three months and during that time they will get a salary of 40 thousand rupees. It is said that after completing the training, the salary will be Rs 1 lakh. After this, when someone goes to Russia, he is given forced military training. They are shown false documents, which state that if they do not join the Russian army, they will be sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Editorial Perspective

If Russia does not listen to India, then India should tell Russia in a language that it ‘understands’ !