Bombay High Court Bench allows the screening of the film Hamare Baarah

The filmmaker guarantees to remove objectionable dialogues from the film

Mumbai – The Bombay High Court bench has allowed the screening of the film Hamare Baarah. The Court passed this order after the filmmaker assured to cut all objectionable dialogue from the film. The verdict was passed by a vacation bench of Justice Kamal Khata and Justice Rajesh Patil.

1. Azhar Tamboli from Pune filed a PIL saying that the screening of the film should be banned. He said, ‘In the movie Hamare Baarah, the Muslim community has been wrongly portrayed and the dialogues in the movie trailer hurt the sentiments of the Muslim community’. (Muslims demanding a ban on a film that exposes the true nature of Muslim society ! – Editor)

2. In the hearing held before the bench on 6th June, the bench had directed that a 3-member committee of the Central Board of Film Certification should watch the film and give a report. That committee included Nagaraj Revankar, Ishrat Syed and Nilambari Salvi. Accordingly, the members of the committee made an interim observation after seeing the movie. The petitioner demanded the High Court to permit time till 12th June to submit the final report, but the bench opined that the film release cannot be stayed for that report.

3. Karnataka, however, has banned the screening of the film citing religious tensions.