Protests continue in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir

Protestors to gherao PoK’s Legislative Assembly

Muzaffarabad (PoK) – Lakhs of protesters in PoK continue to march towards Muzaffarabad, under the leadership of the ‘Jammu-Kashmir United Awami Action Committee’. The people marching in protest have entered Muzaffarabad District. They are going to surround the legislative building. Due to this, the Pakistani Army is on alert. This has angered the protestors and they have beaten up the soldiers at various places on the way to Muzaffarabad. The internet and mobile networks are suspended since last 5 days. The citizens said, ‘We are annoyed by the corruption in the Government. We want independence. Our protests are peaceful, we do not want to hurt anyone. We want all our demands to be met. We will not leave without all our demands are accepted.’

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shahbaz Shareef has called for a cabinet meeting in view of this agitation. Also, the PoK Government is said to be ready to accept all the demands of the agitators.