‘Sanatan Sanstha’ is behind Dr Dabholkar’s murder : Milind Deshmukh, ANiS State Executive Member

Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti (ANiS) members consider themselves wiser than the Court

Pune – Since 2016, I have been pursuing Dabholkar murder case. The verdict came today. Those who shot Dr Dabholkar have been punished, while 3 others have been released due to lack of evidence. Though better evidence could have been collected against them. The Court has not ruled out their involvement in this case. Had there been better evidence, they too would have been punished. There is no other than Sanatan Sanstha behind Dr Dabholkar’s murder. (It is better if ANS members who pressurise the witnesses, engage in scams and lie outrightly, do not teach wisdom to others – Editor).

It is sad that the mastermind was not found : Hamid Dabholkar, Dr Dabholkar’s son

Hamid Dabholkar

I am yet to read the verdict. This investigation has been ongoing for nearly 11 years. It was a fight against murder of social workers and ideology of killing people to eliminate their thoughts. As long as this ideology persists, we believe, the struggle will continue. It is sad that mastermind behind this conspiracy was not found. Often in such conspiracies, the pawns are sacrificed, while the key conspirators walk away free. We shall study the verdict in detail and decide the further course of action. (If Dabholkar’s son was genuinely interested to find the mastermind, why did he seek a stay on the trial from the High Court ? Dabholkar family should not forget that they are as much responsible for botched up investigation of this case as the investigating agencies – Editor).