Netherlands uses India’s ‘Bulldozer’ method to move hundreds of Hamas supporters

Credits : NDTV

Amsterdam (Netherlands) – Muslims and leftists across the world are agitating in support of Hamas in the background of Israel-Hamas conflict. In the renowned University of Amsterdam, hundreds of Hamas supporters had gathered to protest. To disperse them, the Police resorted to using bulldozers. On 7th May, scenes resembling India were witnessed in the capital city of Amsterdam. The protesters, who were blocking the university’s entrance, were forcibly removed with the help of bulldozers. At this time, clashes erupted between the Police and the protesters, resulting in violent confrontations. Subsequently, more than 120 protesters were detained.

1. The Police compared the situation to that of US universities, claiming it created an extremely unsafe environment. Hundreds of people were seen on the streets, protesting against Israel’s campaign in Gaza.

2. The protesters barricaded the university premises and raised slogans. The Police then used bulldozers to clear the barricades. Several videos of these incidents have surfaced.

3. The crowd was sloganeering against war at Gaza and protesting Israel’s military action. The protesters were demanding support for ‘Free Palestine’. They also demanded that the university administration breaks ties with Israel.

4. Before these protests, hundreds of Hamas supporters had attempted to visit the Holocaust Memorial.

5. So far, around 2,000 Hamas supporters have been detained in the US.

What is India’s ‘Bulldozer’ method ?

In India, particularly in Uttar Pradesh, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath used bulldozers to illegally demolish the homes of rioters and love jihad perpetrators. Hence, the term ‘bulldozer’ has become symbolic of actions against extremists.

Editorial Perspective

First the US, then Britain, Australia, and now the Netherlands is witnessing protests in support of Hamas. This shows how deep rooted is the narrative set by terrorists and leftists across the world. Such exampled explain the need of Israelis and Hindu unity.