Mohammad Fuzail converts and marries a Hindu girl he met through PUBG

  • Incident at Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh
  • Victim attempts suicide by hanging herself !

Lucknow (UP) – This incident took place in the area of ​​Galshahid Police Station in Moradabad District of Uttar Pradesh. Mohammad Fuzail from Moradabad lured a Hindu girl from Mumbai into love through the online game PUBG. Fuzail had been living in Mumbai for a few days. Later the girl eloped with him without listening to her mother. He converted her, married her, and renamed her Fatima. The girl’s mother was angry about this relationship. One day suddenly the victim girl contacted her mother and told her that Fuzail was beating her up.

After a few days, Fuzail contacted the victim’s mother and told her that the victim had attempted suicide and that she was admitted to the hospital. The victim’s mother reached Moradabad and filed a complaint against Fuzail with the Police. Police have registered a case in this regard. The condition of the victim is critical. Reportedly, the victim was married earlier and is a divorcee.

Editorial Perspective

The fact that Hindu girls and women are living an unsafe life in their own country is a constant sight seen through such incidents. This is shameful for 100 crore Hindus !