A Muslim youth traps a Hindu woman in love hiding his true identity

Love Jihad in Dehradun, Uttarakhand

Dehradun (Uttarakhand) – Shavez Ali lured a Hindu woman into a love trap and raped her hiding his true identity. He also cheated her of lakhs of rupees. Shavez also forced the woman to have an abortion when she became pregnant as a result of the rape. The Police have registered a case against Shavez Ali and are searching for him.

The victim stated in the complaint that one and a half years ago Shavez Ali met her with the name ‘Lucky’. Within a few days, the two started talking on the phone. Shavez then asked the victim to marry him. He started sexually abusing the victim with the lure of marriage. She was forced to have an abortion after she became pregnant twice.

One day, Shavez demanded Rs 4 lakh from the victim in the name of starting a business before marriage. The victim made arrangements from somewhere and paid the money to the accused. So far, Shavez has not returned the money to the victim.

When the victim proposed marriage, Lucky revealed his true identity, namely Shavez. “Being a Muslim, I can’t get married,” he said.

A case was registered after the victim reported the fraud to the Police.

Editorial Perspective

This incident shows that it is not the Muslims of the country who are unsafe, but the Hindus and their daughters. Please note that hypocritical secularists will not utter a word about this.