Ayan Pathan brutally assaults Hindu girlfriend; sprinkles chili powder on wounds

  • Horrific incident in Guna (Madhya Pradesh)
  • Lips glued with Fevikwik to prevent her from shouting
  • Held captive and raped

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) – In Guna District, a Muslim youth named Ayan Pathan lured a Hindu girl into a relationship, against her mother’s wish. Consequently, the girl left her home to stay with Ayan next door. He held her captive and raped her. He pressured her to transfer her inherited property to his name. When she resisted, he began to beat her up. After beating up, he used to sprinkle chilli powder on her wounds. This continued for a month. On the night of 16th April, Ayan brutally assaulted her again. During this assault, to prevent her from shouting, he glued her lips with Fevikwik. Finally, that same night, she managed to escape and walked 5 km to the Police station. Seeing her severe condition, the Police registered a case against Ayan and arrested him. The victim’s mother has admitted her to the District hospital.

The incident is not a case of ‘Love Jihad’: Claims Additional Police Superintendent of Guna

A representative of ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ contacted Guna District’s Additional Police Superintendent, Maan Singh Thakur, who claimed that this incident was not related to Love Jihad. The victim comes from a poor family, and she had been in love with Ayan for two years. Ayan assaulted her to obtain her property.