Ongole cow of Indian breed sold at Rs 40 crore in Brazil

A new record in the livestock auction

Brasilia (Brazil) – While the average price of cows in India ranges from Rs 2,500 to Rs 11,000, an Ongole cow of Indian breed was recently sold for a staggering Rs 40 crore in Brazil, a South American country. This remarkable record was set during a recent cattle auction. The cow, named ‘Viatina-19 F.I.V.’, hails from Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, and belongs to the Mara Emovis variety. It was purchased for 48 lakh dollars, equivalent to Rs 40 crore, during the auction in Brazil.

Courtesy : Kisan Tak

The Ongole breed, characterised by its bright white skin and the characteristic bulbous hump over the shoulders, is originally from India but has become one of the most important breeds in Brazil. The breed, scientifically known as Bos indicus, descended from the Indian Ongole cattle, known for its strength and adaptability to various environmental conditions. The first pair of Ongole cattle came to Brazil by ship in 1868 and landed in Salvador, Bahia, with many more being imported in the 1960s. Due to their robust metabolism, they are resistant to infections. Given the hot climate in Brazil, these cows thrive there, which is why approximately 80% of the country’s total cow population belongs to this breed.