Campaign against the Indian student contesting student union elections in London

The said student had prevented desecration of tricolour during Khalistani attack on the Indian embassy

Satyam Surana, an Indian student at the London School of Economics

London (Britain) – Satyam Surana, an Indian student at the London School of Economics, has alleged that a campaign is being run against him as he is contesting student union elections.

Satyam is originally from Pune. He circulated a video wherein he said, ‘My name started being associated with the BJP 12 hours before the elections. There were calls to boycott me, calling me a ‘fascist’. India is my country and I will always support it. My views on my country and the Government are personal. They have nothing to do with the British Student Union elections. Most of those spreading false propaganda against me are communists. Such people cannot bear that India is progressing. I am being targetted for calling Khalistanis as terrorists. These people are calling me pro-Nazi and right-wing. What makes me sad is that most of those opposing me are Indians. (Traitorous Indians ! Such people’s information should be collected by Indian investigative agencies and action should be taken against these Indians when they return to the country. – Editor).

Who is Satyam Surana ?

Satyam Surana is the one who prevented the desecration of the tricolour by picking it up from the ground during the attack on the Indian Embassy in London by Khalistanis last year. His video had circulated on social media at that time.


Editorial Perspectives

  • Will the British PM of Indian origin Rishi Sunak try to take action against those campaigning against a patriotic Indian youth in London ?
  • Earlier Rashmi Samant, who won the student election at the Oxford University and became its president, faced opposition from the communists. She had to resign from the post. This shows how the anti-India gang is working in the British universities.