Patriotic journalist Sakhi Giri questions Rahul Gandhi about Veer Savarkar’s insult

Congress’ anti-Hindu members call Hindustan Post’s female journalist ‘Godi Media’

Hindustan Post journalist, Sakhi Giri

Mumbai – In the case of disrespectful statements made about freedom fighter Veer Savarkar, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi was questioned by ‘Hindustan Post’ journalist Sakhi Giri, who is known for her patriotism. Congress activists referred to her as ‘Godi Media’. At this moment, Rahul Gandhi’s security guards prevented Sakhi Giri from asking questions. This incident occurred as Rahul Gandhi was leaving in his car.

The incident occurred on 16th March, while Rahul Gandhi was leaving after paying a visit to Dr Ambedkar’s memorial in Dadar. Rahul Gandhi’s car was surrounded by his party workers. Breaking through this crowd, Sakhi Giri asked Rahul Gandhi directly, “Will you apologise to Veer Savarkar?” The security guards intervened and pushed her away. In 2023, during his visit to Maharashtra, Rahul Gandhi had insulted Veer Savarkar by calling him a ‘mafiveer’ (an apologiser).

Editorial Perspective

Congratulations to patriotic journalist Sakhi Giri, who fearlessly questioned those who insult our revolutionaries.