France makes abortion a constitutional right for women

France becomes the first and only country in the world to grant such a right !

Paris (France) – All over the world the act of abortion by women is considered a crime. Despite this, the bill making abortion a constitutional right of women was passed in the joint session of both houses of France on 4th March. This makes France the first and only country in the world where women have full freedom to choose to have an abortion. A proposal in this regard was presented by French President Emmanuel Macron.

Members of both Houses were present in full numbers to vote on this proposal at the Palace of Versailles in France. The motion was passed with a majority of 780 against 72. There are major differences in the US over a similar bill. Therefore, this development in France has gained significance.

Amendment to the Constitution of France !

1. A bill was introduced to amend Article 34 of the French constitution to grant women the right to abortion.

2. Both houses of the French Parliament, the National Assembly and the Senate passed this amendment bill independently with the majority.

3. A 3/5th majority in a joint sitting of both houses was required for the bill to be passed. Accordingly, this bill was passed in the joint session.

Editorial Perspectives

  • One should not be surprised if France begins to decline tomorrow because of this constitutional right that encourages autocratic behaviour !
  • Progressives in other countries, including those in India, will not hesitate to blindly follow France, which has become the flag bearer of the so-called progressiveness; however, this same set of people oppose France’s tough policies aimed at curbing jihadi terrorism. This shows their hypocritical and convenient progressive attitude !