Religious fanatic political party SDPI’s anti-national demand : Support Palestine in its ongoing conflict with Israel

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – ‘India should change its stance regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict. Those who are unaware about the creation of Israel are arguing in favour of Israel today. Palestinians gave their land to the Jewish community as a humanitarian act, so that the Jews would have a place to live; but today Israel is attacking the Palestinians. Israel bombed the UN-run schools, killing 30 children and staff; but no one calls Israel a terrorist state’, said Abdul Majeed, State President of the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), a political party linked to the Popular Front of India (PFI), a banned Jihadi terrorist organisation.

(Credits : News4 24×7)

Majeed said,

1. In 1946, Jews lived in a small area in Palestine. In 1948, the United Nations negotiated to get some land for Israel. Now only a small part of that land is with Palestine.

2. Gandhi, Nehru, Vajpayee etc all supported Palestine. (To avoid hurting Indian Muslims, leaders of the past maintained a soft approach towards Palestine. Current Union Government run by the BJP has changed its policy and hence the religious fanatics are annoyed ! – Editor). We are also in favour of Palestine.

3. Israel is harassing 9,000 captive Palestinians. The media have equated Palestine with terrorism. This is not terrorism. This is Palestine’s freedom struggle. (Pak sponsored terrorists who enter Kashmir and carryout terrorist activities are also called ‘freedom fighters’ by religious fanatics; but the truth is known to everyone. – Editor).

4. As India fought for freedom against the British, Palestine is fighting against Israel. India should not stand with Israel; but with Palestine which is fighting for its freedom.

Editorial Perspective

India has suffered due to Jihadi terrorism for several decades. Hence, no other country would understand Israel’s pain better than India ! Why does SDPI, which is siding with Palestine, not speak about the atrocities committed by Hamas ? Why does it not call Hamas a terrorist organisation ?