Israeli offensive : Israel attacks Syrian airports

Iran is supplying Hezbollah with arms-ammunition, hence the attack on the Syrian airports

Tel Aviv (Israel) – Israel is attacking many targets on the Gaza Border. Israel has also been attacking Hezbollah sites in Lebanon, now it has attacked 2 airports in Syria as well. Israel has opened 3 fronts in this war. Iran is supplying arms to the Hezbollah located in Lebanon through the Syrian Airports of Damascus and Aleppo, also Hezbollah terrorists are located in Syria as well. This information resulted in the air raid on the Syrian airport. Reuters an international news agency gave this information quoting Syrian news agency ‘Sham FM’.

Though Syria has not reacted about the attack, it is being reported that Iran has requested for Russian aid. Syria has been attacked by Israel earlier, and Syria never reacted nor responded to these attacks. It is being said that Syria will take the same approach now as well.

Islamic State’s flag found with Hamas militants

Israel has posted pictures of the Flag of the Islamic state that was found by them in Gaza, as they were attacking Gaza after the Hamas attack. Israel claims that the Hamas infiltrators had brought the ISIS flag when they attacked and beheaded the Israeli citizens.