Communists and radical Muslims support Hamas’s attack on Israel

Supporters include actress Swara Bhaskar, actress Gauhar Khan, Sitaram Yechury, etc.

(From left) – Swara Bhaskar, American-Lebanese (porn) actress Mia Khalifa, actress Gauhar Khan

Jerusalem – Communists and radical Muslims from various parts of the world have expressed support for Hamas, a terrorist organisation involved in attacks on Israel. Among the individuals who have voiced their support for Hamas, despite concerns about their involvement in inhumane acts ranging from parading a woman’s naked body to killing and abducting unarmed civilians, are notable figures like Indian actress Swara Bhaskar, American-Lebanese(porn) actress Mia Khalifa, actress Gauhar Khan, Pakistan’s ‘Peace Committee’ Chairman Ahmad Hassan Bobak, and Sitaram Yechury, the Chief of the Communist Party of India.

“Will put India in a similar situation”- Threat by Pakistan’s ‘Peace Committee’ Chairman

Ahmad Hassan Bobak

Ahmad Hassan Bobak, Chairman of Pakistan’s ‘Peace Committee’ has threatened to do the same to India while supporting the attack of Hamas. Actress Swara Bhaskar has posted a statement on Instagram in solidarity with Palestine, refraining from condemning the Hamas attack. Additionally, Communist Party chief Sitaram Yechury has also voiced his support for Palestine.

If this were to happen, are Hindus and the Government adequately prepared ? This is a question that may concern many. – Editor

Editorial Perspective

It is worth noting that progressives who used to frequently label Hindus as violent are now refraining from characterising communists and radicals who openly endorse violence as ‘violent’.