Justin Trudeau winks at the new speaker in the Canadian Parliament

Canadian PM Trudeau winks and sticks tongue out at new Parliament Speaker (Credits : India TV News)

Ottawa (Canada) – As the previous speaker of the house Anthony Rota resigned after inviting a Nazi war veteran from Hitler’s army to the Canadian Parliament; a new speaker named Greg Fergus was elected. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau congratulated him and winked at him in the Canadian Parliament. When he realised that he had made a mistake, he then stuck out his tongue. The video of this act went viral on social media followed by heavy trolling.

In the video, it can be seen that as the speaker Greg Fergus introduced Trudeau in the House as the “Honourable Prime Minister”, Trudeau stood up and behaved immaturely as mentioned above. In 2018, the then Congress president and MP Rahul Gandhi went to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and hugged him in the Parliament of India. After that, he came back to his seat and winked at his then-Congress MP and colleague Jyotiraditya Scindia. At that time, Gandhi was also laughed at for this incident.

Editorial Perspectives

It is now certain that Justin Trudeau will be remembered in history as an immature leader who harbours terrorists, glorifies Nazis and behaves immaturely.