It is important for Canada that our diplomats stay in India : Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

(Credits:The Hindu)

Ottawa (Canada) – We do not wish to increase tensions with India. It is important for Canada to have a diplomatic presence in India. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has stated that he will continue to take steps to build good relations with India even in difficult times. (No such steps have been taken by Trudeau in recent days. Hence, Trudeau’s speech is nothing but empty words. – Editor) Trudeau’s statement was a reaction to India’s move to oust 41 Canadian embassy officials from India. He made the statements when speaking to the media in Canada.

(Credits:ANI News)

On the other hand, Canada’s Foreign Minister Melanie Joly said that to get out of this diplomatic crisis, private discussions are to be held with India. Political matters can be resolved only through discussions. We are in touch with the Government of India as the security of Canadian diplomats is very important to us.

Editorial Perspective

Canada should first hand over the Khalistani terrorists sheltered there to India. Then crush the Khalistani movement, which has gained momentum there. As Trudeau has failed to achieve the above, the Canadian diplomats have to be expelled.