India asks 41 diplomats of Canada to leave India by 10th October 2023

If they do not leave the country by the 10th of October, their diplomatic immunity will be suspended

New Delhi – The dispute between India and Canada over the killing of Khalistani terrorist Nijjar, has gone one step further. India has told Canada to call back 41 diplomats by 10th of October. India has said, even after this, those officials who do not go back, will not receive facilities and other benefits offered by India. Currently, 62 Canadian diplomats are working in India.

(Credits : Firstpost)

Canada had accused India of Nijjar murder and asked Indian diplomat Pramod Roy to leave Canada. In retaliation, India also had told Canadian diplomat to leave India. At that time Indian external affairs minister had said, ‘we have clearly told Canada, that as per Vienna Convention, the number of diplomats in both the countries should be equal. Later, India also suspended Visa services for Canadian citizens.