Enforce Sharia Law to prevent rape cases : Demands S T Hasan, Samajwadi Party’s MP

S T Hasan, Samajwadi Party’s MP

Moradabad (Uttar Pradesh) – S T Hasan, Samajwadi Party’s MP has demanded the implementation of the Sharia Law in cases of rape which he claims would prevent such crimes. He has also claimed that no rapes were reported in Saudi Arabia due to this law. He even demanded the imposition of a ban on ‘Porn’ websites. There is a ban on porn websites in India.

Hasan said that in villages, boys go to their farms and watch porn films. Then, when a girl passes by, they rape her. Watching porn films generates a kind of hormone in the body that rouses them to rape and commit such crimes. Therefore, ban ‘Porn’ websites.

Hasan said further that if crimes related to rape are punished under the Sharia law, it would create fear amongst people, and rape cases would reduce. Why there are no cases of rape, theft, murders, etc in Saudi Arabia ? It is because there are laws, giving severe punishment for such crimes. In our country, the laws are flexible and people take advantage of them. Sometimes, there are false allegations of rape as well, and clause 376 of the Indian Penal Code is misused.

Editorial Perspective

People feel that S T Hasan’s demand should first be implemented for Muslim criminals and Muslim accused involved in crimes like rape, conversion, love jihad, cow slaughter, jihadi terrorism, riots, etc. should be punished so that most of the crimes in the country would reduce.