A Muslim poses as a Hindu and marries a Hindu Girl; after marriage girl tortured by her in-laws

Another incident of Love Jihad comes to light in Uttar Pradesh

(Credits : OpIndia)

Moradabad (UP) – A Muslim youth pretended to be a Hindu to seduce a Hindu girl to fall in love with him and marry him. After the wedding, her in-laws began to torture her. They started pressurising her to offer namaz. They threatened her with divorce if she did not offer namaz. The tortured Hindu girl filed a complaint with the Police.

The victimised girl said in her complaint, ‘I have been married for 6 months. Before this I had complained to the Police about the harassment faced by me in my in-law’s home, but after that there was a compromise between us. Now he is threatening to divorce me. My in-laws are Muslims. I am Hindu and I want to follow the Hindu religion and rituals; but my in-laws are not permitting me to do this.’