When was the Hindu Dharma born? Who gave birth to it, is still unanswered : G Parameshwara

Ridiculous statement by Congress Government’s Minister in Karnataka

G Parameshwara, Karnataka Congress Government Minister

Tumakuru (Karnataka) – Several religions have been born in the world; but it is still a question when and how Hindu Dharma was born, said G Parameshwara, Congress Government’s minister in Karnataka. He was speaking at an event organised in Koratagere on 5th September, on the occasion of Teacher’s Day.

Parameshwara further said that Buddhism and Jainism were born in our country. Islam and Christianity entered from outside. The essence of all religions is welfare of the human race. (How do the religions that encourage forced conversions, using deception, violence or vandalism, achieve welfare of the human race ? The entire world faces this question today. – Editor)

(Credit : India Today)

Editorial Viewpoint

Hindu Dharma, also known as Sanatan Vedic Dharma, is eternal and Apaurusheya meaning not created by humans but created by God. This is written in Hindu scriptures and also quoted by sages and saints from time to time. G Parameshwara is deliberately behaving childish by ignoring this well-known truth and asking this question.