Kangana praises the traditional dressing of ISRO female scientists

Epitome of simple living, high thinking

Mumbai – Actress Kangana Ranaut on Sunday heaped praise on India’s leading women scientists of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), who were behind the success of Chandrayaan-3 mission, saying that they are the “epitome of simple living and high thinking.” Taking to Instagram Stories, Kangana shared a happy picture of the ISRO’s women scientists, who were dressed in sarees and represented Indian traditional culture. She captioned the photo: “India’s leading scientists, all of them with bindi, sindoor and Mangal sutra… epitome of simple living and high thinking … true essence of Bhartiyata”, followed by the emoji of Indian flag.

Editorial viewpoint

The probability of Indian girls following these steps of ISRO female scientists is negligible. For that, they need to be given education on Dharma.