Lunar Mission failure takes toll on veteran Russian Scientist’s health; admitted to hospital

Moscow, Russia – The lunar exploration community was met with disappointment as the Russian spacecraft ‘Luna-25’ experienced a crash landing on the lunar surface. The incident had an unforeseen impact on the health of esteemed 90-year-old Russian scientist Mikhail Marov, resulting in his hospitalisation. Marov, who had played a pivotal role in numerous space missions during the Soviet Union era, conveyed his profound dismay to local media, attributing his health decline to the unexpected failure of the ‘Luna-25’. He underscored the importance of the recently launched lunar mission for Russia’s space endeavours. Marov stated, “The inability to achieve a successful lunar landing is a regrettable outcome. We are committed to meticulously investigating the causes behind this failure.”

The roots of this failure can be traced back to five decades of lunar campaign neglect – Russia

In a candid analysis of the ‘Luna-25’ mission’s failure, Yuri Borisov, the director of Russia’s space research agency Roscosmos, offered his perspective, “This setback will not hinder our pursuit of reaching the moon, come what may. The fundamental reason behind the ‘Luna-25’ mishap can be traced back to a hiatus of nearly five decades in lunar exploration efforts. Had we not suspended these endeavours for half a century, the lunar craft’s unfortunate crash could potentially have been averted. We could have harnessed our accrued expertise to more effectively execute this mission.”