Central Vigilance Commission received more than lakh complaints regarding corruption in 2022

Home Ministry received the highest 46,000 complaints against its staff members  

New Delhi – Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) has published its report for 2022 about the highest number of corrupt employees of the Central Government. CVC received a total of 1,15,203 corruption complaints against all categories of employees of the Union Government. Out of the total complaints, the highest number of complaints i.e., 46,643 complaints were against Home Ministry. Among these complaints, the maximum i.e., 46,643 complaints were against the Union Home Ministry, followed by railways and banks.

Out of the total complaints, 85,437 have been disposed of and 29,766 are still pending. Among them, 22,034 complaints have been pending for more than three months. On receiving a complaint, CVC appoints a Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO) who is given three months to conduct an inquiry into the case.

As per this CVC report, 10,580 complaints were received against railway employees while 8,129 complaints were against employees of banks.

Delhi Govt employees have 7,000 corruption complaints against them

In 2022, 7,370 complaints were received against the employees of the Delhi Government. Out of which, 6,804 were disposed of; 566 are still pending and 18 complaints among them are pending for more than three months.

Editorial Viewpoint

More than lakh complaints received in one-year show the level of corruption in this country, since there must be so many cases where complaints are not lodged.