The Eighth Class Citizens of India : The Hindus

Dr Anand Ranganathan

The Indian democratic system was secularised undemocratically 47 years ago. “Anybody who identifies oneself as a “Hindu” is communal and anything beneath the sky that is non-Hindu is glorifying and secular, we feel the pride in promoting that !” – this is the Hinduphobic notion of Indian political parties and social organisations. To give a befitting reply to such a bizarre narrative, devout Hindu Dr Anand Ranganathan, penned down how the current Indian system is rather dubious and against the Hindus in his recent book, “Hindus in Hindu Rashtra : The Eighth-Class Citizens and Victims of State-Sanctioned Apartheid”. Saying that Hindus get inferior treatment in India would seem to be very superficial to the injustice that the Hindus face in reality, which would be strongly evident after reading this book.

Dr Ranganathan argues that if Congress, in virtue of claiming India to be a secular state, in order to control the Hindu Temples passed extraneous laws, why BJP confining to the same laws free the Government controlled Temples ? Kashmiri Hindus are the Jews of today but unfortunately, India is not Israel ! – This statement from Dr Ranganathan’s book alone describes the ongoing atrocities on Kashmiri Hindus. If 40,000 Rohingya Muslims can get accommodation in Kashmir what wrong have the 7, 00,000 Kashmiri Hindus done? How the ‘Waqf Act 1995’ and ‘Right to Education Act 2009′ have been enacted to uproot Hinduism has been elaborated in this book. Today our leaders feel honored to change Hindu customs, traditions, etc. But why do the same leaders overturn the judgments of the Supreme Court aimed at partially reforming the oppressive practices of Muslims ? Judges who freely criticize Hindu festivals as ‘delusional’, do not even ‘whimper’ against horrifying festivals like Muharram. The ever-glorifying history of Hindus is ignored and the Islamic rulers who invaded our country are honored by getting the streets, railway stations, cities, and districts named after them. The Places of Worship Act, 1991 safeguards those so-called lands of Islam that have been built by demolishing Hindu temples.

That’s how even with the Hindus’ democracy, their leaders, and their constitution, their courts fail to provide rightful justice to the Hindus. There is not a single example similar to the appalling plight of today’s Hindus in world history. However, instead of lamenting over this dire state, the Hindu “Lion” must recognize its potential. To boldly face any oppression, the Hindus must unitedly strive to establish Hindu Rashtra. Should they fail to do so, a stark realization must dawn upon them: the inexorable specter of their own demise looms, for the adversary is not merely at the threshold but has infiltrated the very sanctum of their abode.