Religious fanatic Hasmtullah burns National Flag on Independence Day in Madhubani, Bihar

Madhubani (Bihar) – Mohammad Hasmtullah, son of Sarpanch Mohammad Junaid of Harlakhi village in Bihar, has been detained by the Police for probing the case of burning the National Flag on 15th August. A complaint was lodged with the Police after a video of Hasmtullah burning the National Flag went viral on social media. The Police then took Hasmtullah into custody. He has a welding shop in Umgaon Bazar.

‘The boy is mentally ill !’: Hasmtullah’s father claims

Hasmtullah’s father and sarpanch Mohammed Junaid claimed that his son is mentally ill and is being treated. (How can a mentally ill person burn only India’s National Flag and that too on Independence Day? Why doesn’t he burn Pakistan’s flag? Hasmtullah’s father should also be prosecuted for trying to fool people in this manner. – Editor)

Editorial Viewpoints

  • The so-called secularists and progressives must understand that such incidents are the reason why the patriotism of the Muslims in the country is questioned.
  • It is necessary to hang such traitors. Only then will such incidents stop forever.

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