Posing as a Hindu, Irfan Haider lured a married Hindu woman and eloped with her

The woman, a mother of 2 children, was taken to Kuwait and converted

(Credits : OpIndia)

Dungarpur (Rajasthan) – A Hindu woman identified as Deepika from the Dungarpur District of Rajasthan was lured by Irfan Haider and later eloped with him. In the Police complaint, the husband of the victim alleged, ‘Haider pretended to be a Hindu and became intimate with my wife. She was brainwashed and then taken to Kuwait and forcibly converted to Islam’.

Deepika’s husband works in Mumbai. ‘Deepika used to live in the village with 2 children. A few days ago, she left home and never came back. The whole affair came to light after her picture in a burqa alongside Irfan Haider surfaced’, the victim’s husband said. The Police are investigating further in this case.

Editorial Viewpoint

A woman who is married and also a mother of 2 children, elopes with a Muslim man. This is an indication of the moral degradation of Hindu women.