Kanpur in UP has become the centre of conversion for the Christian missionaries 

In the past few years thousands of Hindu families have been converted

Representational image (Credit : Weekly Blitz)

Kanpur (UP) – At least one incident of conversion takes place in the city every month. The city has become the centre for conversion. Christian missionaries go to the slums and huts and offer the Hindus medicines money, marriage, jobs, business, etc. as enticement and then convert them. When these incidents come to light the Police file cases against the missionaries. Some missionaries have also been arrested. But it is very difficult to catch the mastermind. The Police have proof that the missionaries are getting money from abroad. Incidents of conversions have occurred in Kanpur’s Ghatampur, Chakeri, Ravatpur, Colonelganj and now in Munnipurava too.

Munnipurva – In the Munnipurva area of the Nawabganj in old Kanpur conversion of hundreds of Hindu families have taken place by enticing them with gifts. One converted family on being pressurised about attendance in a prayer meeting informed the Viswa Hindu Parishad, Bajrang Dal and the Police. A Hindu woman Babblidevi was brave enough to file a complaint in the Police station. Thereafter, the Police took action on 11th of August arrested Maclon Singh and Morris Singh under the conversion law. The victim families said that the families were offered 10,000 to 30,000 rupees. Sick persons are given treatment for their illness, the unmarried are given monies for their marriage. Because of this the helpless Hindu families convert.

Police Commissioner Akmal Khan said, in past 4-5 years about 200 Hindu families have converted to Christianity. Not only this, in Vishnupur a Church has been built. Prayer meetings are organised here, and people are tempted with the offer of medicines, money, marriage, jobs, and business such that they convert to Christianity.

Ghatampur – More than 15 Churches have been built here in the past few years. Hundreds of Hindu families have been converted. The arrested Christian missionaries when released on bail return here and continue in their work of conversion.

Shyamnagar – Two missionaries named Abhijit and Rajat Gypsum were arrested in the Shyamnagar area of the city. The leader of the group was Rajat Gypsum and he was a citizen of Korea.

Rawatpur – Niraj a resident of Rawatpur area of the city had a damaged kidney and liver because of alcoholism. A missionary alleging that he had come from Punjab began gathering information about the sick people of the area. Then tempting them with curing them arranged a prayer meeting. Hundreds of Hindus began to attend the prayer meetings. These missionaries fled the area when the Police got wind of these activities.

Colonelganj – Prayer meeting were being held for the past month in the ‘Appy Funny’ school compound at Chunniganj in Colonelganj. Hudreds of Hindus were attending the prayer meetings. Attempts were being made to convert them by tempting them with various things. Bajrang Dal and various other pro-Hindu organisations agitated against this on getting to know about this activity. Police took prompt action and registered a case and arrested Father Amit Loyola and one other missionary.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • There is an anti-conversion law in force in the State, yet Hindus are being openly converted openly without fear. This clearly shows that the Christian Missionaries have no fear of the law of the land. This is very shameful for the Government of Uttar Pradesh.
  • If the missionary activity is of this grade in a rich prosperous city like Kanpur, imagine what would the extent of their activity in the villages and interior parts of the State ? it is better not to imagine it. Please note that the only way is to establish the Hindu Rashtra to stop these things from occurring.
  • Kanpur is one the prosperous cities of Uttar Pradesh. There are numerous large Industries in the city, and it also has the prestigious ‘IIT Kanpur’. Yet the Christian missionaries are taking advantage of the Hindus helplessness to entrap them. Please note that there is no connection between education, prosperity and security; so with prosperity of the Hindus their security also need to be ensured.