Russia launches Luna-25 coinciding with India’s Chandrayaan-3

Russia’s attempt to make a world record by landing on the moon’s south pole, surpassing India in just 12 days

Moscow (Russia) – Efforts are underway to successfully land Chandrayaan-3, launched by Indian Space Research Organisation, i.e. ISRO on lunar surface on 23rd August. If this happens, India will become the 4th country to land on the moon, and will also have the honour of being the 1st country to set foot on the moon’s south pole. Russian space agency Roscosmos has announced that its lunar landing spacecraft Luna-25, delayed by almost 2 years, will be launched on 11th August.

Rocket carrying Luna-25 is very powerful and it will try to land on the south pole in just 12 days, i.e. on 23rd August. The attention of the world is now on which country’s lander, whether India or Russia will land first. Chandrayaan-3 is currently orbiting the moon at a distance of 1,437 km.

Significance of moon’s south pole

Scientists believe that moon’s south pole has water ice. These landers are going to study it. If found to be true, scientists believe that the ice can be used to extract fuel and oxygen, and be used for drinking water. Scientists also dream that this will enable a human settlement to be created on the moon in the future.

Features of Luna-25

Russia will land on the moon after almost 47 years using its spacecraft called Luna-25. Earlier in the year 1977, Russia had landed its spacecraft on the moon. Roscosmos informed that Luna-25 will take only 5 days to reach moon’s orbit. It will spend 5-7 days in lunar orbit and then land. After successfully landing on the moon, Chandrayaan-3 will study the soil there for just two weeks. On the other hand, Luna-25 will study the lunar surface and things up to 6 inches below the ground for the next 1 year.

Editorial Viewpoints

Russia is considered a steadfast and loyal friend of India but this act only shows the devious intention of Russia to bully India.

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