Ukraine attacks Russia with drones

Ukraine claims it has busted the myth of Russia’s aggression

Kyiv (Ukraine) – It has been a year and a half since the war between Russia and Ukraine started and for the first time, it seems that Ukraine has become the aggressor. Ukraine attacked Russia’s capital Moscow with drones. Russia claims that they destroyed one of the drones and disabled the other two.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has now warned Russia that the war is slowly coming towards you. Russia’s aggression has been repelled on the battlefield and slowly Ukraine is becoming stronger. Zelensky added that today is the 522nd day of Russia’s alleged special forces operation and that Russian troops may only last another week or two on the ground. Russia however has called this a terrorist attack.

(Credit : CNN)

We will not negotiate a ceasefire when we are being attacked – Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin

A ceasefire may be discussed between Russia and Ukraine, but for that, Ukraine must stop the aggression. Russian President Vladimir Putin further clarified that they cannot think of a ceasefire now when they are being attacked.

Editorial Viewpoint

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine led to Western countries imposing sanctions on Russia and also pressured India to impose an economic boycott on Russia. Now it is time for India to show the mirror to Western countries who are now silent as Ukraine is now invading Russia !