Mr Arvind Sahasrabuddhe (Age 76), who performs satseva with bhav, becomes Sanatan’s 125th Saint

H.H. Arvind Sahasrabuddhe

Pune – Mr Arvind Sahasrabuddhe (Age 76), a humble seeker who strives to perform satseva (Service unto the Absolute Truth) to perfection and loves everyone like a father, became Sanatan’s 125th Saint on 6th July 2023. Sadguru Swati Khadaye (Dharmapracharak Saint of Sanatan Sanstha) made this joyous announcement in an informal programme. She honoured H.H. Arvind Sahasrabuddhe with a shawl, a coconut and a present. H.H. Sahasrabuddhe’s wife (Mrs Mangala), daughter (Mrs Anjali Bodas), H.H. (Mrs) Manisha Pathak and some seekers attended the programme.

H.H. Arvind Sahasrabuddhe – Epitome of love and simple nature

H.H. Arvind Sahasrabuddhe was an atheist earlier. Upon commencing spiritual practice under the guidance of Sanatan Sanstha and after reading Sanatan’s Spiritual Texts, He developed faith in God. He is an epitome of love and simple nature; no wonder, He quickly wins everyone’s heart. He notes down the birth tithi of every seeker who comes into His contact and wishes him on his birthday without fail. Many Saints and seekers have stayed at His house from time to time. Due to love in the Sahasrabuddhe couple, they have served seekers with love and made them feel at home. Now due to their age and the associated physical limitations, they are unable to perform physical satsevas as before and both feel guilty about it. Despite His age, H.H. Sahasrabuddhe performs all household chores to help His wife and does not have any complex about it. Mentally, He is very stable.

For the past 20 years, He has been performing satseva associated with the Weekly Sanatan Prabhat. He performs the satseva willingly, with bhav and in a flawless and absolute manner. No follow-up about His satseva is required. It appears as if He has merged with the satseva. After His hernia operation too, He used to perform satseva despite physical fatigue. He has the bhav that ‘He knows nothing, everything is managed by God’. If there is some mistake in accounting, He remains awake till late, finds out the mistake and only then retires to bed. This example reminds us of Sant Eknath Maharaj, who would remain awake the whole night to account for even one Paisa (0.01 Rupee)

H.H. Sahasrabuddhe is always blissful, takes initiative in starting a conversation, accepts his mistakes willingly, apologizes to seekers when He errs. These virtues have brought seekers close to Him.

One perceives calmness and Anand (Bliss) upon looking at Him. He speaks very politely and with love. He has become introverted. He is always in communion with God. He keeps praying, expressing gratitude and chanting throughout the day. His countenance emits a different type of radiance.

His wife, Mrs Mangala Sahasrabuddhe, is performing spiritual practice under the guidance of Sanatan Sanstha and has reached the spiritual level of 67%.

H.H. Arvind Sahasrabuddhe, who is always in a state of Bliss, reached the spiritual level of 61% in 2013. Because of various virtues such as being calm and steady despite physical distress, minimal ego and so on, He has attained the spiritual level of 71% and become Sanatan Sanstha’s 125th Saint.

I am sure H.H. Arvind Sahasrabuddhe’s spiritual progress in future too will be rapid.

– Sachchidananda Parabrahman (Dr) Athavale (6.7.2023)