‘Oppenheimer’ showing Bhagawadgeeta during a lewd scene enrages netizens !

New Delhi – Bhagawadgeeta, the Holy text of Hindus, has been denigrated in the film ‘Oppenheimer’ based on the life of Robert Oppenheimer, popularly known as the ‘Father of Atomic Bomb’. It features the Bhagawadgeeta during a lewd scene between Cillian Murphy, who plays Oppenheimer, and Florence Pugh, who plays his lover, Jean Tatlock. This has outraged Hindus and led them to protest.

Some people have asked that even though the relevant lewd scene has been blurred for featuring this film in India, how can the Bhagawadgeeta still be clearly seen in it ? Some people are saying that this scene itself was unnecessary in the movie based on Oppenheimer’s life.

The Bhagawadgeeta had a unique significance in Oppenheimer’s life. Oppenheimer had regretted dropping of the atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Then, after reading the Bhagawadgeeta, his mind regained calmness.

Editorial Viewpoint

The Holy texts of Hindus are being trampled upon only due to the lack of pride in Dharma among Hindus. Please note that no one dares to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims or Christians in this way !

Hindus should now force to take action against Christopher Nolan and the cast of the Hollywood film Oppenheimer !


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